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Himalayan Cure

All-natural botanical remedies rooted in Indian medicine.

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The Mountain Rub

Pain treatments, especially narcotics in main stream allopathic medicine have caused significant harm to our society. After extensive research with herbal ingredients, we have formulated a massage cream that reduces pain when applied topically for 2-3 weeks.

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HCK Face Serum

This daily facial serum, created with an all-natural formula, works to micro-exfoliate dead skin cells, remove black spots, and smooth, even, and hydrate skin. With only a few drops, this serum helps soothe the skin, leaving users feeling refreshed and ready to take on their day.

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Heemal Shampoo and Conditioner

Our natural shampoo and conditioner combo helps to thicken hair and reduce frizz without the usage of harsh chemicals. Formulated with berries and green herbs, as well as oleic and omega 9-fatty rich emollients, our products ensure a healthy and moisturized scalp, as well as makes hair softer and shinier.

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I have tried countless acne creams, clearasil, etc., and even tea tree oil, which is recommended all over the internet. None of these had any long term effects. The himalayan acne cream kit was the only one that I tried which actually helped both in the short term and long term. My acne is nearly gone now...


With using hand sanitizer pretty often now my hands have been getting really dry. This has helped so much with soothing the dryness, and it smells glorious. I love it!


The serum is so moisturizing and calming on your skin, I especially like to use it when my skin is dry or irritated. It just feels so fresh and soothing on my face. I love it and highly recommend it, I’m buying another right now!


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